Shirts for Craig

"What do the popular kids like to wear?" I wondered. "Shirts," came the still small voice inside that tells me necessary truths, such as when I have to go to the bathroom, "shirts of the T variety." "What looks good on a shirt?" I asked. "Huge faces, as huge as possible," answered the still small voice.

The front reads: I will put my tornado in you! The back reads: BUSCHLE: A MAN MADE OF WEATHER.

The purpose of these shirts is twofold: to show your support for Craig when you're out and about in the Nati OR THE WORLD, and to raise a little money for his fund. The markup on each item will go to Craig -- five dollars per shirt. Many colors and styles are available. Click here to buy one!



J-Bird said...

Now that's a beautiful and classy shirt

tricia said...

Nothing is as classy as a huge face, in my opinion!

Jason said...

Three shirts sold already!

babylocks said...

hahahaha you can even by a mousepad and bag with his name on it!!

tricia said...

Also coasters!

J said...

7 shirts sold!

AJ said...

I know the shots are rough. But don't give up. Just remember that there a lot of us praying for you to get through this. I know it is intense pain but keep the faith and just know that this old aunt is here remembering you constantly. I know what it's like to feel that you won't get through something painful but you will. God doesn't send us anythng we can't handle even though sometimes it seems that way.
Love you always,
Aund Jude