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For all you runners who don't have a Nike+ sport kit but have expressed an interest in showing Craig your support by hitting the road: Whenever you go for a run, leave a comment in this post!

This post will stay at the top of the site so it doesn't get buried by new stuff and so you guys can just keep filling it up with your notes!


250 miles

Happy Easter! It's been nine weeks since we started this thing. Craig got through his last day of chemo this week! And today I ran the final leg of 250 miles, 70 miles farther than I hoped to go.

During that time, you've helped us raise almost $3,000 for Craig's care!! We never expected that kind of response. The incredible outpouring of support is a testament to your love and generosity!

There's still time to donate. One way is to match my mile total dollar-for-mile, $250. Or choose what you think is best. Just click the "Donate" button at the top of this page, or send a check by clicking here. You also can buy a Craig T-shirt, with $5 of your purchase going to pay for his treatment.

Finally, for those of you in Cincinnati, there will be a fundraiser all day tomorrow, March 24, at Champion's Grille on Crookshank. Champion's will donate 10 percent of their proceeds from the entire day (they're open 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.) to Craig's care. There will be basket raffles, split-the-pot, T-shirt and rubberband sales, and general donations also will be accepted. Make it an extension of your holiday weekend! Get down there and have some fun!

Half marathon today

Got in 13.1 miles before lunch to wrap up our nine weeks -- and just in time. The Nike+ receiver on my iPod died 10.36 miles into the run, as you can see from the graph below. I guess it had all it could take!


5K tonight

Got in 5K on my dinner break before the storm hit. 13 miles to go.


Craig's done! / Half marathon today

After almost 60 days of fighting through chemo, Craig is finished!!!

Many of you got a chance to see him at the coffeehouse fundraiser last week, which by all accounts was a huge success. I don't think there's an official total yet, but I believe you folks helped raise $2,000+ for Craig that night! Incredible.

It's our ninth week on this blog, and we're running through Sunday. Basketball knocked me out for a couple days, but I got in 13.1 miles this afternoon. That puts me at 234.6 miles, 16 to go.

In nine weeks, you've helped us raise about $2,750 for Craig through this blog! For those of you who'd still like to donate, you can click the donate button at the top of this page, send a check by clicking here, buy a Craig T-shirt, or match my donation.

In addition, the Nike+ runners are at 1,832 miles for Craig so far! That's 9,672,960 feet, or about the distance from Cincinnati to Phoenix.


10K tonight

Got in 6.2 miles on my dinner break. The Cincinnati coffehouse fundraiser is just kicking off. Wish I could be there to celebrate with everyone!

Cincinnati fundraiser TONIGHT

Starting at 7 p.m. today is the Front Porch Coffeehouse fundraiser for Craig. Front Porch is on Glenway by Phillipp's Swim Club. Full details in the post below this one -- just scroll down. Everybody in Cincinnati get out there to enjoy the live music and drinks!


Fundraiser tomorrow / 12 miles today

TOMORROW in Cincinnati is the Front Porch Coffeehouse fundraiser for Craig! The coffeehouse is on Glenway Ave. (by Phillipp's Swim Club). There will be live music, raffles of some sort, special drinks to benefit Craig, T-shirts and rubber bands on sale, and a general donation basket being circulated all day. The evening events kick off at 7 and run until 11 or so. Everybody in Cincinnati get out there and rep your boy!!

Ran 12 miles before lunch -- kind of cool and breezy out. That puts me at 20.5 miles for the week.


Champions Grille benefit

Cincinnati folks planning to attend the March 24 benefit for Craig at Champions Grille, spread the word! Nick passed along this flier for the event. Print out bunches of these and paste them all over town.

Only two weeks left!

Seven weeks down, two to go, and Craig is cruising! I ran 8.44 miles this morning to kick off week 8.

It's been seven weeks since this thing started -- thanks for sticking with us the whole time. You folks have been amazing! So far, you've helped us raise more than $2,500 for Craig's treatment!!

On top of that, the Nike+ runners have logged more than 1,500 miles in Craig's name! I've run 203.2 of those, on pace for 250, which I'll match dollar-for-mile in two more weeks.

For those of you who'd still like to donate, you can click the donate button at the top of this page, send a check by clicking here, buy a Craig T-shirt, or match my donation.

Also, there are a couple of events coming up in Cincinnati in the next couple weeks, including one this Friday!


Half marathon today

I got stuck in a seminar yesterday, which threw me off my 10K-a-day. I ran 13.1 miles this morning to make up the distance at least. That puts me at 31.7 for the week. Basketball tomorrow, then hopefully I'll get a few more miles in Sunday.

Craig's wrapping up his final extra-bad week of chemo. You rocked it, man! Let him know you're thinking about him.


10K tonight

Ran 10K No. 3 of the week Wednesday night.

Coming up next Friday, March 14, is the Front Porch Coffeehouse fundraiser for Craig, so keep your schedules open. The night kicks off at 7 with Craig-inspired drinks, T-shirts and live music later. Click here to print out the flier.

10K Tuesday night

Ran my second 6.2 miles of the week Tuesday night. Tip: Don't drink 20 oz. of iced coffee before you run.


10K today

Started off week 7 with 6.2 miles. I was going to try for five 10Ks last week, but I got side-tracked on a longer run. This week, I'll see if I can keep up with the 10Ks.

Your donations keep rolling in -- we really are blown away by all of this! Everyone pull hard for Craig this week as he toughs out a big round of chemo!


5K today

Wrapped up week 6 with another 5K. That puts me at 30.8 miles for the week, 159.8 miles overall. And only three weeks to go!

Coming up is Craig's last big chemo week, then two shorter ones after that. His indicators are all looking great! Keep him in your thoughts and prayers!


5K today

Got in 3.1 miles today before work. That puts me at 27.7 so far for week 6. I'll do at least another 5K tomorrow, hopefully 10K.

Craig shirts are still selling strong. They look great and also imbue superpowers. Don't be the only one walking around west Cincinnati without one.


Front Porch fundraiser flier

Everybody -- here's a flier for the March 14 fundraiser for Craig at the Front Porch Coffeehouse on Glenway! Click on the image above to see the full-size version. Then print out bunches of copies and give them to everyone you know or hang them up around Nati.

18 miles in my Craig shirt

I ran 18.37 miles this afternoon as the weather chilled. It was cool enough to need a shirt, so I decided to bust out my Craig T-shirt, which apparently is waterproof and gives me psychedelic visions (after 15 miles or so).

Don't miss the events update below this post!

IMPORTANT: Don't miss these events

For those of you in Cincinnati, there are a couple big fundraisers for Craig coming up. Make sure you get out there to show him love and have a great time! The following announcement comes from Nick Chaney:

My name is Nick Chaney. I am a friend of Craig's and am very excited to inform everyone that a few of his friends have set up some big fundraisers for him coming up in a few weeks back in Cincinnati!

The first is a benefit at the Front Porch Coffeehouse on Glenway Ave. (by Phillipp's Swim Club) on Friday, March 14. There will be live music, raffles of some sort, special drinks to benefit Craig, t-shirts and rubber bands on sale, and a general donation basket being circulated all day. Anyone with more questions can contact Andrew Childers, Bobby Smyth, or Nick Chaney, and one of them will direct you to the right person.

Also, there will be another benefit all day on Monday, March 24, at Champion's Grille on Crookshank. Champion's will donate 10% of their proceeds from that entire day (they are open 11 AM - 11 PM), and we will have basket raffles, split-the-pot, t-shirt and rubberband sales, and general donations are also appreciated.

All of the money will go directly to Craig to help fund his medical treatment from the past few months, so do your best to make it to these big events! If you can't make it for any reason, let as many people as you can know about it.

If you have a business or good way to circulate the news, let one of the three mentioned above know ASAP, and we could e-mail you flyers we have begun to circulate.
Also, if you have anything you would be willing to donate, or if you would like to volunteer to help work with anything at all, again, contact one of the three mentioned above.

Hopefully we will see you all at one or both of these events. Thanks for all the support, and remember, stay CraigSTRONG.

Fundraising update

Craig's more than halfway through his treatment, and you guys have been unbelievable so far! In a little more than five weeks, you've raised almost $2,000 for Craig's care!!! And we've still got a long way to go.

In addition to monetary donations, the Nike+ crew has now run more than 1,200 miles in Craig's name. I've got 138.4 of those miles, on pace for about 250, which I'll match dollar-for-mile when Craig wraps up his treatment.

If you want to match my donation, click here. Or you can donate any amount -- online, by clicking the "Donate" button at the top of the page -- or by check, by clicking here. You also can donate by buying Craig-themed tees, hoodies and accessories.

Thanks so much to all of you! Your love and generosity are amazing!


Kicking off week 6

I started the week with 10K at lunch. I'm shooting for five of those this week, which would add up to 31 miles. Our record heat wave is supposed to break tonight, so that should make it easier.


10K today

I got in 6.2 miles before lunch today to wrap up the week. That's 31.7 miles in week 5.

Four weeks to go starting tomorrow! Craig battled the flu a bit but got through it going strong. And, just like he called it, Memphis lost their undefeated streak last night. Watch out if you bet against his bracket.


10 miles today

Got in 10 miles before lunch. It was pretty hot out there. I'm at 25.5 for the week. Hoops tomorrow, then I'll pass 30 miles Sunday.


Another 6.2

Ran 10K for the second day in a row. That puts me at 15.5 miles so far this week, and 115.9 overall.


6.2 miles tonight

I got in 10K before dinner Tuesday after it cooled off. Nice sunset view from the causeway.

The Nike+ runners have topped 940 miles for Craig so far, with an unbelievable 235 from buzylizy. That's in just 30 days -- 7.8 miles a day. Wow! Don't miss Mary's latest update on Craig's treatment.


5K today

Kicking off the fifth week of Craig's chemo, and he's going strong! I got in a short 3.1-miler today before lunch. I was hoping to crack 21 minutes, but my legs just weren't feeling it this morning.

I'll post a fundraising update later tonight or tomorrow morning.


Last 10K of the week

I wrapped up week 4 today with 6.2 miles, giving me 24.8 for the week.

In four weeks, I'm at 100.4 miles for Craig. Over the next five, I'm going to try to push my distance up to 30 a week so we can hit 250 as he wraps up his treatment. Mary posted an update for us just below this post, with some great news!

Craig update!

This comes from Mary:

Hello All!

Craig has finished his second five day week of chemotherapy. This week he received his treatment in a new location and seems to be much more comfortable there. He typically has his own room and can now have visitors during his longer chemo days. This week he enjoyed a few visitors, slept most days, and also watched a ton of college basketball. I have a feeling his brackets will be extra good this year!

More blood work from the Oncologist indicates that the chemo is working! Craig’s tumor markers seem to have returned to a normal level. As of right now he still has to go through the rest of his five weeks of treatment, and has also lost about 95% of his hair. However, everyone agrees that he still looks good and that a shaved head may not be such a bad look for him in the future! In addition, he continues to be overwhelmed by the notes, cards, and donations. He anticipates that he will start writing thank you cards sometime in the next few weeks now that he is used to his treatment. He is very blessed to have such a large support network!

In the meantime, since he received a white blood cell booster shot earlier today, he will likely be knocked out all day tomorrow due to the side effects of the booster shot. He would love to read some of your comments tomorrow or whenever he is feeling better. Thanks to everyone who has taken time out of their busy schedule thus far to show Craig some love and support.



Another 10K

Took it slow today for my third 6.2-miler of the week.

Happy Valentine's Day!


10K today

I ran 10K today after they lifted the tornado warnings and the rain let up. Can't compete with Cincinnati snowstorms, though!

Nike+ updated their software, so all the blog code should be working again.


10K today

Got in 6.2 miles to start off week four.

Keep on repping our man CB and showing him your love!


Fundraising update

When today ends, three weeks of Craig's treatment are in the books! We've come a long way with this little blog, and we're staying strong with six weeks to go.

Thanks to you, so far we've raised more than $1,000 for Craig's care!! And that doesn't count my final mileage total, for which I'll donate $1 per mile, or the contributions of anyone who chooses to match me. Right now, I'm on pace for just shy of 250 miles, 70 miles ahead of my original goal.

If you want to donate to Craig with a credit card online, click the "Donate" button at the top of the page. If you'd like to mail a check, click here. And if you want to buy an amazing T-shirt with a huge picture of Craig's face on it, you can do that here.

In addition to your monetary donations, the Nike+ runners have donated more than 700 miles of their time and energy in Craig's name! Your web of support stretches worldwide, from California to Germany to Hong Kong. Thanks for sticking with us!

Keep Craig in your thoughts and prayers.

** Some of the Nike+ code on this page hasn't been displaying right the last couple days. I've e-mailed their tech team, and they're taking a look at it. Sorry for any inconvenience.


13.1 miles today

Got in a half marathon today as the rain clouds finally drove away our February heat wave. That puts me at 21.9 miles so far this week.

I'm off work the rest of the day, so hopefully we'll have time to pose for a photo in our Craig T-shirts, as I've been promising.


2.6 miles today

Nice short run before lunch -- it's hot down here (83)! That should set me up for longer runs Thursday and Friday to stay at my 25ish-mile-per-week pace.

Tricia and I will take some photos wearing our Craig T-shirts today and post them by tomorrow.


6.2 miles tonight

I got in 10K on my dinner break to start off week three.

In other news, I picked up the mail when I came home, and our CRAIG SHIRTS have arrived. They're beautiful, and his face is more impossibly gigantic than we envisioned -- much larger than the picture suggests! We'll try them on in a day or two and post a photo.


Craig / donation update

Craig got to watch the Super Bowl with family Sunday night -- he was able to drive. Monday he'll get another white blood cell booster, which could leave him with some extra pain the next few days. Keep on pulling for him!

In other news, between online and mail donations, shirt sales and running miles, we've raised more than $500 so far for Craig's care -- in just two weeks. Thanks to everyone for the unbelievable outpouring of support!

10K today

I logged 6.2 miles before the big game today. That wraps up Craig's second week of chemo with 25.9 miles, 53.6 miles for me so far. I'm still on pace to run near 250 in nine weeks, well ahead of my 180-mile goal.

Meanwhile, the Nike+ team has run 511 miles in support of Craig so far! At that pace, we'll pass 2,000 miles with a week to spare -- amazing. Thanks to all the runners for sticking with us!


Friday update

I'm taking the day off to recharge after my long run Thursday and before hoops tomorrow. I hope to hit at least another 10K by Sunday, which would put me around 25 miles for the second week.

In the meantime, mail donations have started to roll in, in spite of the several inches of snow many of you are dealing with. Thanks to everyone who's mailed checks to Craig so far! Those of you who'd still like to can write them out to Craig Buschle and send to:

Craig Buschle Cancer Fund
c/o The Rev. Gregory Lockwood
St. Mary and Joseph Chapel
6304 Minnesota Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63111


Site traffic

We've been keeping track of visits to this site since Craig started his second chemo week, and we're encouraged by what we've seen. The number of unique visitors is climbing by about 20 a day this week, thanks almost exclusively to all you guys plugging us on Facebook. From what we can tell, 90 percent of visitors come here directly from Facebook pages.

So -- thanks again to everyone at Facebook! You're doing an amazing job spreading awareness of Craig's situation and raising money for his care!

10.8 miles today

Got in a nice long run today, and the iPod didn't eat it! That puts me at 19.6 miles so far this week.

Just a reminder -- even though the post has slipped down the page, the original "I will put my tornado in you" Craig T-shirts and hoodies still are available. Every time you buy one, $5 goes to help pay for Craig's treatment.


10K today

Logged 6.2 miles at 2:30 this afternoon. Unfortunately, however, my iPod ate the run when I tried to upload it! I was having trouble with the shoe sensor, Apple sent me a new one, and it didn't sync up right on the first try. I think I've got it fixed so that won't happen again. At any rate: 51'23", 759 calories.

A note from Craig

Craig wanted me to post this for all of you to read. He sends his love!


Hello everyone,
I just wanted to drop by and let people know that so far things have been okay, or as okay as they could be I suppose. The thoughts, donations, and prayers have been nothing short of amazing. Thank you all so much; however, this mere phrase can't even begin to express my actual gratitude for what everyone has been doing. I am in the middle of my first slow week (my 2nd week overall). Monday I got a Neulasta White Blood Cell booster shot, which, when injected, goes straight for the bone marrow throughout your body. After my hour-long drip of Bleomycin today (Tuesday), the booster shot kicked in and made me feel like I had the flu x 10. I was exhausted and lying in bed all day, but thank God for ESPN. Less than 8 weeks left; the countdown is on. We are looking at March 18th, I think, as my last day of Bleomycin.
Thank you to everyone for everything they have done; every little bit really has been helping. I hope for these next 8 weeks to fly by and start running myself to get into a nice summer shape! Take care everyone, and thank you again.
-- Craig


2.6 miles today

Short run: 2.6 miles before lunch, but at a decent clip. I'm heading to work early to cover the Florida primary, which will consume the rest of my day. I'm off Wednesday and Thursday -- hope to get a couple long runs in then.

The Nike+ support crew has piled up more than 300 miles so far for Craig, led by a few amazing runners whose dust I'm eating! Thanks to all of you and keep it up!

New Craig products

Took a break from running Monday, but we did get the chance to put up a new design at Craig's store. It features Craig's open skull with birds and various architectural elements flying out. It's available as a coaster (pictured), a mouse pad, a jumbo tote bag and on select shirts. Hop over to the store and get you some.


Love for Craig at Facebook

Here are a few of the comments people have posted for Craig over at Facebook -- just posting them here for anyone to see:

i loveee you craigg!! i know you can beeat this you have to you have so many people praying for you and thinking of you! -- Ashley Adkins

i just met craig last qaurter and i could tell he is one cool dude. Hope u get well! -- Branden Taylor

I don't know why this kind of stuff happens to awesome people but rather than question that I'm just gonna pray my heart out for you! Stay strong and keep up with that craig bushle signature smile and infectious laughter that we all love. -- Sara Fraley

Hanging out with you a lot lately, you would never know you had cancer, which goes to show how strong of a person you are - and I'm sure you've been going through a lot behind the scenes, I can't even imagine. I'm always here for you dude -- TJ Quinn

love you craig!! hope everything goes well.. you'll get thru it :] you're a strong guy i believe in you! -- Leslie Schroeder

Fundraising update

I'm posting just after midnight, one week since we launched this little site to help raise money for Craig's treatment. In seven days, we've generated: $135 in Web donations, $55 in apparel proceeds (10 shirts and one tote), and $27.70 in running miles, for a total of $217.70.

Thanks to everyone who's contributed so far! And thanks to everyone out there letting Craig know how much we love him, spreading the word about this site, and repping our bud! All the Facebookers -- CraigSTRONG, UC, Cincy State, X, Miami, Dayton, NKU, OSU, the rest -- the Elder crew, the runners, our friends around the world and our families. You rock!


10K today

Rounded out week one with a 10K before lunch. That puts me at 27.7 miles, 7.7 miles ahead of my goal for the week and on pace for about 250 during Craig's chemo.

Again, the amount of support we've received from all of you really has been overwhelming. Craig wishes he could thank each and every one of you, and he's looking forward to doing so when he's not quite so exhausted. He sends his love!

In our first week, we've brought in more than $100 just in online donations and T-shirt proceeds. That may not seem like a lot, but over nine weeks it really will stack up. Add to that my final mile total and your donations by mail to Craig's treatment, and we've really got something going here. Amazing!


Craig chemo update

This comes from Mary:

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to let you know that Craig was hospitalized last night due to an adverse reaction to his chemotherapy and/or anti-nausea medicine.

Craig got sick around nine last night and began experiencing painful shortness of breath, labored breathing, and chest pain. This is a side effect caused in 10% of patients getting treated with a chemotherapy drug called Bleomycin. It is an antibiotic that is poisonous to cancerous cells and has the potential to inhibit normal respiratory function.

This may have also been a reaction to his anti-nausea medicine, which can initiate restlessness and panic attacks in some patients.

Whatever the reason, this reaction was serious enough to take him to the emergency room. At the hospital he was given oxygen and 1000 mls normal saline, while his blood was drawn and an EKG and other various tests were performed.

He was given a new anti-nausea medicine which has been working well so far! However, he must keep getting the bleomycin each week in coordination with two other drugs because they are highly effective (95% cure rate) against one of the aggressive forms of cancer found. Although these drugs are very difficult on the body, they are a great blessing to people with this disease!

After he stopped getting sick in the hospital, he perked up quite a bit! He made friends with the male nurse Phil (who was awesome!) and even had the time to pose for the camera: What a guy!


Shirts for Craig

"What do the popular kids like to wear?" I wondered. "Shirts," came the still small voice inside that tells me necessary truths, such as when I have to go to the bathroom, "shirts of the T variety." "What looks good on a shirt?" I asked. "Huge faces, as huge as possible," answered the still small voice.

The front reads: I will put my tornado in you! The back reads: BUSCHLE: A MAN MADE OF WEATHER.

The purpose of these shirts is twofold: to show your support for Craig when you're out and about in the Nati OR THE WORLD, and to raise a little money for his fund. The markup on each item will go to Craig -- five dollars per shirt. Many colors and styles are available. Click here to buy one!


5K today

Today I did 5K over the Roosevelt Bridge and back across the old drawbridge by Stuart Harbor. That puts me at 21.5 miles so far this week. Basketball tomorrow, then I hope to do 10K Sunday to round out my first full week of running at 27.7, which would be 7 miles ahead of my goal, on pace for about 250 in 9 weeks, assuming my ankle doesn't break.

Thanks to Econn and veachbum for joining our race over at Nike+. Those 21 runners have logged more than 138 miles in support of Craig already this week!


2.6 miles today

Thursdays usually are one of my shorter, faster run days, so I stuck to that this week. Nice morning to do it -- foggy and mid 60s.

The Nike+ support team is now 19 strong. Thanks to everyone who's running along with me. Welcome newcomers danitoons and mariahayhow, both from Cincinnati, bodie402 and Lbriede!

And thanks to everyone who has donated or inquired about donating so far!


Donations by mail

We've received an unexpected number of inquiries about donating by check via traditional mail. Folks interested in doing so should make checks payable to Craig Buschle and send to:

Craig Buschle Cancer Fund
c/o The Rev. Gregory Lockwood
St. Mary and Joseph Chapel
6304 Minnesota Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63111

Thanks to everyone for your generosity and support!


Chemo update

Mary posted this as a comment but I wanted to throw it up here in case anyone misses it:


To anyone who is curious, Craig has just finished his first day of chemo. To let people know what chemo is like here goes: basically he sits in a small room for seven hours while an IV is hooked up to his chest. The IV goes into Craigs port-a-caf and directly into his blood stream. When the bag is empty, another bag is put in its place until all the medicine for the day is gone. He went in early around 8:00 a.m. and arrived home around 3:30. He had five bags hooked up to his IV today. That is a ton of medicine to put into a body in one day! There were also a couple other people in the room with him getting chemo, but he was by FAR the youngest person. He chatted with the other people and brought his new lap top to help pass the time. Although he couldn't get a wireless connection today, he is hoping to get a spot in the other room tomorrow so he can check out the website and talk to his friends!

For now he is sleeping. He has complained of a pain in his legs, but other than that he seems okay so far. Thanks for all the support and remember he can always use more! KEEP RUNNING AND COMMENTING :)

Christy's Crew

Over at Nike+, Christy is gearing up to walk in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Washington, D.C., in May. She was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and is fighting through surgery and chemo. Nike+ users can join her run here.

9.6 miles today

Big storm's moving in tonight, so I decided to take the long way around the river today while I could. 75 and breezy. Saw a new "peacock crossing" sign in Rio, whatever that means.

The Nike+ support crew, in its first day, logged more than 44 miles total for Craig. Thanks so much to everyone who's running with us! And welcome newcomers buzylizy from the U.K., Marky5505 from Germany, sfba from San Fran, nikefreedom from Cali, krisruns from Ky. and bauerrf!


10K today

Kicked off the 9 weeks with a 10K before lunch. Nike+ snapshot is posted below. You can see where I hit the causeway with a strong headwind in the middle of the run before a nice speedy descent.

And thanks to all the Nike+ users who already have joined up to run alongside us: Swazzlehoff from Cali, rubie651 from Pa., cavie84 from N.J., fishjunior from Hong Kong, kryger3 from Nebraska, Draig Goch from the UK, Daydream and Gabe83!


Nike+ Race for Craig

I posted a challenge over at Nike+ for runners to join and show their support.

Whoever logs the most miles over 9 weeks wins the challenge -- but it's about showing support for Craig, not who goes the farthest. These folks are donating their time and energy, and we appreciate it!

Hopefully we'll get a bunch of people to join in. If you have a Nike+ account, join the run.

Here's everyone's progress so far:

Run for Craig

Craig could use some help paying his medical bills. Most of the treatment expenses (several thousand dollars) will be coming out of his own pocket, and he can't work while toughing out the chemo.

To raise a little cash for Craig, I'm pledging $1 for every mile I run during the 9 weeks of Craig's treatment, starting Jan. 21. It's not a lot, but I hope to run at least 180 miles during that time, which would amount to $20 a week.

We'll be keeping track of the whole thing with Nike+, a cool iPod Nano add-on. There's a widget in the blog sidebar and at the bottom of this post for you to follow along. I started with 15.2 miles before Jan. 21 (just got it for Christmas), so we'll deduct those miles from the final number.

If you'd like to help Craig out, here are a couple options:

1. Match My Donation: By pledging $1 for every mile I run, you can help us raise a lot more cash for Craig. If 10 people do it and we hit our minimum goal, that's $1800 instead of $180. Big difference. If you want to take this route, pledge your support of $1 a mile in a comment anywhere on this site. We'll take it on good faith but won't hold you to anything. Then, keep an eye on our progress and let Craig know you're thinking of him. When 9 weeks are up, we'll post a link for you to donate online using Paypal and an address where you can mail personal checks.

2. Just Donate: If you just want to donate to Craig, any amount, you can do that too. Click on the donate button at the top of the page, and it will direct you to Paypal, where you can enter an amount and use a credit card. If you want to donate by personal check, click here.

3. Run or walk for Craig: If you'd rather not send Craig a monetary donation, you can show him your support by running or walking. It's a great way for you to stay active and motivated while sending Craig some good vibes! When you get done with your workout, stop by and leave Craig a note telling him how far you've gone, how fast, and what you saw along the way.


About Craig

For those of you who know Craig Buschle, this will come as no surprise: He's one amazing dude.

He was before he ever was diagnosed with cancer, a couple weeks prior to Christmas 2007. He was when he toughed out a bad surgery to remove the first masses doctors found. And, depending on what time of day you're reading this, as he sits through hours of chemotherapy -- that's pretty amazing, too.

But I digress ...

For those of you who don't know, Craig attends the University of Cincinnati, where he's studying Geographic Information Systems. It's a fancy name for computer programming for geography and meteorology. He has to take a semester off for the treatment.

He graduated from Elder High School in Cincinnati and lives with his ginormous Catholic fam in Cheviot.

Until his chemo started, he worked at Mercy Franciscan West Park Retirement Home. He has only meager health insurance and pays most of those bills himself, so stopping work is a particular thorn in the crotch.

He started BMXing a while back and rocks it hard, but no back flips as of yet. He likes to watch cool movies, "Superbad" for example, and chill in his basement or hang with his girlfriend, sweet Mary Lockwood (who is my sister-in-law).

And there's lots of other crap I could type about Craig here, like his infatuation with Jones Soda, but since most of you know him, I'll leave it at that.

Drop the boy a comment to let him know what's up!