Sticky: Non-Nike+ runners post here!

For all you runners who don't have a Nike+ sport kit but have expressed an interest in showing Craig your support by hitting the road: Whenever you go for a run, leave a comment in this post!

This post will stay at the top of the site so it doesn't get buried by new stuff and so you guys can just keep filling it up with your notes!


Econn said...

4 miles for Craig on Jan. 24!

Jason said...

Nice run, Dude! Keep it coming!

Tricia said...

HI CRAIG! It is Baby T, here to support you. I will be...well, not running for you, exactly, but sitting very still in a chair for long hours at a time.

babylocks said...

hahaha you don't even know how to run Tricia but I still love you. Can't wait to see the t-shirts :)! Everyone is excited to see what you've done.

I did 2 miles for Craig today :)

Jason said...

WTG Mary!

J-Bird said...

Thought of you while playing hoops today, CB! Dropping the 3-ball left and right on that messed up rim in the old rectory parking lot

Aunt Tara said...

Craig~ I wish love could cure cancer....you'd be cured a million times over!!! EVERYONE loves you so much, Craig. Keep fighting, we are behind you! I am so proud of you! Love, Aunt Tara

fishjunior said...

No run for a week due to serious flu. I'd catch up this week...
Craig, in fact, you add so much to my running and wish you and go thru all of these.

stuart_fl said...

Get well, fish! Thanks for running with us!

Maria hayhow said...

im starting to run again for you Craig,thanks for helping me ward of the frosh 15 and get ripped(kind of)haha. my dad runs 8 miles to work about 3 times a week for you as well. All the Hayhow's are praying and pounding the pavement for you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig,

You know how good I am with technology. I did figure out my new printer and actually printed something. I hope I am posting ok. You know how much I love my first grandchild I'm sure. I always did and always will. You such a good looking grandchild, too. Grandpa and I say hi and love ya.

The Popemobile said...

Craig, since Tricia and I aren't exactly built for running, I decided to bike while Tricia does her strenuous chair sitting and designing shirts of the T variety. 17 miles over the last 2 days. ( Yes Tricia I know that wasn't a sentence!)

Grandma said...

Hi Craig

How embarrassing that I am nameless. I guess you know I am your Grandma Seiler. You know how sad I am with technology. I love you lots and so does Grandpa. I am looking forward to getting the shirts. I think you are much cuter than the picture on it though. I will wear it proudly. I hope you can enjoy the weekend. You certainly deserve some fun. Love ya

L Rothan said...


I tried this once before and it didn't post. I just wanted you to know we are all pulling for you. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day! We have you on every prayer list in the city and will keep you there until all is well.
D, L, C, L, A & R

AJ said...

I am so glad you felt well enough to spend the super bowl with Mike. I know you guys will look great in those kilts! I agree with Aunt Tara. If love could cure this cancer, you would be cured already. You know we are always praying and keeping in touch.
Aunt Jude

Aunt Tara said...

Craig~ You are on your way to recovery! Not too much longer! Keep up the fight! Love you, Aunt Tara PS Can't wait to see you guys in your kilts!!!

Ashley said...

Craig- I have never met you. But I ran 10 miles for you yesterday. Keep your head up :)

Jason said...

Wow, Ashley, that's great! Awesome run

Babylocks said...

4 more miles for Craig! Thanks to UC having school today when every other school in Cincinnati was off.

BTW Thank you Ashley amazing job and I hope you can keep running! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig, I am not running for you but I pray for you everyday. You are certainly counting off days. Grandpa and I love you lots and like I said with your cute face you would look good bald or with any color hair.

J said...

Nice, Mary! In the snow no less

Tara said...

Craig~ Your grandma posts anonymously. Is she a fugitive? I'm so glad your mom and I were adopted hehe. You gotta love her. 1 more month of chemo. It is almost over! Luv u! Tara

aj said...

way to go craig!
Two thirds of the chemo is behind you and I hope the shot isn't too rough this time. I hear the blood markers were great too! Keep up the good work and we'll keep the prayers going
Love AJ

Anonymous said...

Craig...I know you're not going to believe it, but I, Nick Chaney, am actually starting to run each day. Crazy...I know. I've gotten about 2 miles in each day this past week for you. You still kick my ass in scrabble whenever we play, though. So that sucks. Hang in there, guy, and we will be reunited before you know it (I believe the count is currently at 29 days)! I love you buddy.

mollie said...

Craig...I don't know you, nor can I remember how I stumbled onto this blog, but now I am hooked! Good luck with your treatment. Sometimes its nice to know that a complete stranger is praying for you! BTW...I did a 5k today!

Good Luck

Jason said...

Great job, Mollie! Keep running with us

Anonymous said...

One more week of the chemo from hell. It is almost the end and I KNEW YOU WOULD COME THRU GREAT! HUGS to you from the Hussongs

Tara said...

I had to post as anonymous,too. I wanted to be cool like you and Grandma!!

Jill said...

Craig, I don't know you personally, but i'm a west sider and know you through that haha. just want you to know that i'm praying for you and running for you too! 3 miles today..stay strong =]

Grandma Seiler said...

Hi Craig, I am glad your long week of chemo is over. I know you have to get that shot tomorrow and I pray that won't be painful. Did you know you were so popular? Is it the good looks or great personality that you got from your Grandma Seiler I guess it could be the brains, too. I love you lots

mollie said...

3 miles today. stay strong Craig. You are an inspiration and a SURVIVOR......

Aunt Tara said...

Just came home from the Front Porch fund raiser. Two Beautiful Souls are very talented guys who put on a great show! You looked great tonight, Craig. No one would ever guess all the blood draws, CT scans, chemo and other horrific medical procedures you have been through. STAY STRONG, we know it's not over yet but keep your head up! Love you, Tara, John x2, Erin, and Thing 1 and Thing 2 aka Twin Tornadoes

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig, I thought the Front Porch was a lot of fun. I had never been there but I am sure I will go back. The drinks I had were great. I am looking forward to walking the steps with you and Mary. I love you lots. Grandma

Abby said...

Hi Craig,
The Front Porch was a lot of fun!
I had never been there before and I thought it was fun.My brother goes there all of the time because we belong to Phillipp's Swim Club.
Maybe this summer I will go.I had fun walking the steps with you and eating lunch afterwards.I will see you on Easter!
Your Cuz,

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