Half marathon today

I got stuck in a seminar yesterday, which threw me off my 10K-a-day. I ran 13.1 miles this morning to make up the distance at least. That puts me at 31.7 for the week. Basketball tomorrow, then hopefully I'll get a few more miles in Sunday.

Craig's wrapping up his final extra-bad week of chemo. You rocked it, man! Let him know you're thinking about him.


10K tonight

Ran 10K No. 3 of the week Wednesday night.

Coming up next Friday, March 14, is the Front Porch Coffeehouse fundraiser for Craig, so keep your schedules open. The night kicks off at 7 with Craig-inspired drinks, T-shirts and live music later. Click here to print out the flier.

10K Tuesday night

Ran my second 6.2 miles of the week Tuesday night. Tip: Don't drink 20 oz. of iced coffee before you run.


10K today

Started off week 7 with 6.2 miles. I was going to try for five 10Ks last week, but I got side-tracked on a longer run. This week, I'll see if I can keep up with the 10Ks.

Your donations keep rolling in -- we really are blown away by all of this! Everyone pull hard for Craig this week as he toughs out a big round of chemo!


5K today

Wrapped up week 6 with another 5K. That puts me at 30.8 miles for the week, 159.8 miles overall. And only three weeks to go!

Coming up is Craig's last big chemo week, then two shorter ones after that. His indicators are all looking great! Keep him in your thoughts and prayers!