Craig chemo update

This comes from Mary:

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to let you know that Craig was hospitalized last night due to an adverse reaction to his chemotherapy and/or anti-nausea medicine.

Craig got sick around nine last night and began experiencing painful shortness of breath, labored breathing, and chest pain. This is a side effect caused in 10% of patients getting treated with a chemotherapy drug called Bleomycin. It is an antibiotic that is poisonous to cancerous cells and has the potential to inhibit normal respiratory function.

This may have also been a reaction to his anti-nausea medicine, which can initiate restlessness and panic attacks in some patients.

Whatever the reason, this reaction was serious enough to take him to the emergency room. At the hospital he was given oxygen and 1000 mls normal saline, while his blood was drawn and an EKG and other various tests were performed.

He was given a new anti-nausea medicine which has been working well so far! However, he must keep getting the bleomycin each week in coordination with two other drugs because they are highly effective (95% cure rate) against one of the aggressive forms of cancer found. Although these drugs are very difficult on the body, they are a great blessing to people with this disease!

After he stopped getting sick in the hospital, he perked up quite a bit! He made friends with the male nurse Phil (who was awesome!) and even had the time to pose for the camera: What a guy!


MSeiler said...

Wow that is a SEXY picture! I thought chemo was supposed to prevent hair from growing? He still looks like he needs to shave. My prediction....he will come out chemo cancer free, however, he will be hairier and sasquatchier than when he went in!

sarakenn27 said...

thanks for the post Mar Bear, I heard about this incident but i am glad i got a little more details about it.thank you


Aunt Tara said...

I know I speak for our whole family when I say that we are SO appreciative to everyone on here!! Mary,all of Craig's friends, everyone on here and out in the world praying for him,running for him,wearing his Tshirts, etc.....you are a gift from God and you mean the world to us. Craig's girlfriend ,Mary, his mom, dad,little sisters and little brother are an AWESOME support group for him but he needs you guys,too and you have really come through! When we pray for Craig we also say a huge prayer of thanks that you are in his life!! KEEP IT UP!!!!

Karen said...

Love the new look!! Now there is actually someone in the family with less hair than Uncle Joe!!! Although, looking at your picture, it may not be for long. I know that this is a tough time, but you're a very strong person and I know that you'll come out on the winning end of this!! Stay strong and positive and we'll keep up the prayers. Love ya, Aunt Karen

Anonymous said...