5K tonight

Got in 5K on my dinner break before the storm hit. 13 miles to go.


Craig's done! / Half marathon today

After almost 60 days of fighting through chemo, Craig is finished!!!

Many of you got a chance to see him at the coffeehouse fundraiser last week, which by all accounts was a huge success. I don't think there's an official total yet, but I believe you folks helped raise $2,000+ for Craig that night! Incredible.

It's our ninth week on this blog, and we're running through Sunday. Basketball knocked me out for a couple days, but I got in 13.1 miles this afternoon. That puts me at 234.6 miles, 16 to go.

In nine weeks, you've helped us raise about $2,750 for Craig through this blog! For those of you who'd still like to donate, you can click the donate button at the top of this page, send a check by clicking here, buy a Craig T-shirt, or match my donation.

In addition, the Nike+ runners are at 1,832 miles for Craig so far! That's 9,672,960 feet, or about the distance from Cincinnati to Phoenix.