10 miles today

Got in 10 miles before lunch. It was pretty hot out there. I'm at 25.5 for the week. Hoops tomorrow, then I'll pass 30 miles Sunday.


Another 6.2

Ran 10K for the second day in a row. That puts me at 15.5 miles so far this week, and 115.9 overall.


6.2 miles tonight

I got in 10K before dinner Tuesday after it cooled off. Nice sunset view from the causeway.

The Nike+ runners have topped 940 miles for Craig so far, with an unbelievable 235 from buzylizy. That's in just 30 days -- 7.8 miles a day. Wow! Don't miss Mary's latest update on Craig's treatment.


5K today

Kicking off the fifth week of Craig's chemo, and he's going strong! I got in a short 3.1-miler today before lunch. I was hoping to crack 21 minutes, but my legs just weren't feeling it this morning.

I'll post a fundraising update later tonight or tomorrow morning.


Last 10K of the week

I wrapped up week 4 today with 6.2 miles, giving me 24.8 for the week.

In four weeks, I'm at 100.4 miles for Craig. Over the next five, I'm going to try to push my distance up to 30 a week so we can hit 250 as he wraps up his treatment. Mary posted an update for us just below this post, with some great news!

Craig update!

This comes from Mary:

Hello All!

Craig has finished his second five day week of chemotherapy. This week he received his treatment in a new location and seems to be much more comfortable there. He typically has his own room and can now have visitors during his longer chemo days. This week he enjoyed a few visitors, slept most days, and also watched a ton of college basketball. I have a feeling his brackets will be extra good this year!

More blood work from the Oncologist indicates that the chemo is working! Craig’s tumor markers seem to have returned to a normal level. As of right now he still has to go through the rest of his five weeks of treatment, and has also lost about 95% of his hair. However, everyone agrees that he still looks good and that a shaved head may not be such a bad look for him in the future! In addition, he continues to be overwhelmed by the notes, cards, and donations. He anticipates that he will start writing thank you cards sometime in the next few weeks now that he is used to his treatment. He is very blessed to have such a large support network!

In the meantime, since he received a white blood cell booster shot earlier today, he will likely be knocked out all day tomorrow due to the side effects of the booster shot. He would love to read some of your comments tomorrow or whenever he is feeling better. Thanks to everyone who has taken time out of their busy schedule thus far to show Craig some love and support.