13.1 miles today

Got in a half marathon today as the rain clouds finally drove away our February heat wave. That puts me at 21.9 miles so far this week.

I'm off work the rest of the day, so hopefully we'll have time to pose for a photo in our Craig T-shirts, as I've been promising.


2.6 miles today

Nice short run before lunch -- it's hot down here (83)! That should set me up for longer runs Thursday and Friday to stay at my 25ish-mile-per-week pace.

Tricia and I will take some photos wearing our Craig T-shirts today and post them by tomorrow.


6.2 miles tonight

I got in 10K on my dinner break to start off week three.

In other news, I picked up the mail when I came home, and our CRAIG SHIRTS have arrived. They're beautiful, and his face is more impossibly gigantic than we envisioned -- much larger than the picture suggests! We'll try them on in a day or two and post a photo.


Craig / donation update

Craig got to watch the Super Bowl with family Sunday night -- he was able to drive. Monday he'll get another white blood cell booster, which could leave him with some extra pain the next few days. Keep on pulling for him!

In other news, between online and mail donations, shirt sales and running miles, we've raised more than $500 so far for Craig's care -- in just two weeks. Thanks to everyone for the unbelievable outpouring of support!

10K today

I logged 6.2 miles before the big game today. That wraps up Craig's second week of chemo with 25.9 miles, 53.6 miles for me so far. I'm still on pace to run near 250 in nine weeks, well ahead of my 180-mile goal.

Meanwhile, the Nike+ team has run 511 miles in support of Craig so far! At that pace, we'll pass 2,000 miles with a week to spare -- amazing. Thanks to all the runners for sticking with us!