Friday update

I'm taking the day off to recharge after my long run Thursday and before hoops tomorrow. I hope to hit at least another 10K by Sunday, which would put me around 25 miles for the second week.

In the meantime, mail donations have started to roll in, in spite of the several inches of snow many of you are dealing with. Thanks to everyone who's mailed checks to Craig so far! Those of you who'd still like to can write them out to Craig Buschle and send to:

Craig Buschle Cancer Fund
c/o The Rev. Gregory Lockwood
St. Mary and Joseph Chapel
6304 Minnesota Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63111


Site traffic

We've been keeping track of visits to this site since Craig started his second chemo week, and we're encouraged by what we've seen. The number of unique visitors is climbing by about 20 a day this week, thanks almost exclusively to all you guys plugging us on Facebook. From what we can tell, 90 percent of visitors come here directly from Facebook pages.

So -- thanks again to everyone at Facebook! You're doing an amazing job spreading awareness of Craig's situation and raising money for his care!

10.8 miles today

Got in a nice long run today, and the iPod didn't eat it! That puts me at 19.6 miles so far this week.

Just a reminder -- even though the post has slipped down the page, the original "I will put my tornado in you" Craig T-shirts and hoodies still are available. Every time you buy one, $5 goes to help pay for Craig's treatment.


10K today

Logged 6.2 miles at 2:30 this afternoon. Unfortunately, however, my iPod ate the run when I tried to upload it! I was having trouble with the shoe sensor, Apple sent me a new one, and it didn't sync up right on the first try. I think I've got it fixed so that won't happen again. At any rate: 51'23", 759 calories.

A note from Craig

Craig wanted me to post this for all of you to read. He sends his love!


Hello everyone,
I just wanted to drop by and let people know that so far things have been okay, or as okay as they could be I suppose. The thoughts, donations, and prayers have been nothing short of amazing. Thank you all so much; however, this mere phrase can't even begin to express my actual gratitude for what everyone has been doing. I am in the middle of my first slow week (my 2nd week overall). Monday I got a Neulasta White Blood Cell booster shot, which, when injected, goes straight for the bone marrow throughout your body. After my hour-long drip of Bleomycin today (Tuesday), the booster shot kicked in and made me feel like I had the flu x 10. I was exhausted and lying in bed all day, but thank God for ESPN. Less than 8 weeks left; the countdown is on. We are looking at March 18th, I think, as my last day of Bleomycin.
Thank you to everyone for everything they have done; every little bit really has been helping. I hope for these next 8 weeks to fly by and start running myself to get into a nice summer shape! Take care everyone, and thank you again.
-- Craig


2.6 miles today

Short run: 2.6 miles before lunch, but at a decent clip. I'm heading to work early to cover the Florida primary, which will consume the rest of my day. I'm off Wednesday and Thursday -- hope to get a couple long runs in then.

The Nike+ support crew has piled up more than 300 miles so far for Craig, led by a few amazing runners whose dust I'm eating! Thanks to all of you and keep it up!

New Craig products

Took a break from running Monday, but we did get the chance to put up a new design at Craig's store. It features Craig's open skull with birds and various architectural elements flying out. It's available as a coaster (pictured), a mouse pad, a jumbo tote bag and on select shirts. Hop over to the store and get you some.


Love for Craig at Facebook

Here are a few of the comments people have posted for Craig over at Facebook -- just posting them here for anyone to see:

i loveee you craigg!! i know you can beeat this you have to you have so many people praying for you and thinking of you! -- Ashley Adkins

i just met craig last qaurter and i could tell he is one cool dude. Hope u get well! -- Branden Taylor

I don't know why this kind of stuff happens to awesome people but rather than question that I'm just gonna pray my heart out for you! Stay strong and keep up with that craig bushle signature smile and infectious laughter that we all love. -- Sara Fraley

Hanging out with you a lot lately, you would never know you had cancer, which goes to show how strong of a person you are - and I'm sure you've been going through a lot behind the scenes, I can't even imagine. I'm always here for you dude -- TJ Quinn

love you craig!! hope everything goes well.. you'll get thru it :] you're a strong guy i believe in you! -- Leslie Schroeder

Fundraising update

I'm posting just after midnight, one week since we launched this little site to help raise money for Craig's treatment. In seven days, we've generated: $135 in Web donations, $55 in apparel proceeds (10 shirts and one tote), and $27.70 in running miles, for a total of $217.70.

Thanks to everyone who's contributed so far! And thanks to everyone out there letting Craig know how much we love him, spreading the word about this site, and repping our bud! All the Facebookers -- CraigSTRONG, UC, Cincy State, X, Miami, Dayton, NKU, OSU, the rest -- the Elder crew, the runners, our friends around the world and our families. You rock!


10K today

Rounded out week one with a 10K before lunch. That puts me at 27.7 miles, 7.7 miles ahead of my goal for the week and on pace for about 250 during Craig's chemo.

Again, the amount of support we've received from all of you really has been overwhelming. Craig wishes he could thank each and every one of you, and he's looking forward to doing so when he's not quite so exhausted. He sends his love!

In our first week, we've brought in more than $100 just in online donations and T-shirt proceeds. That may not seem like a lot, but over nine weeks it really will stack up. Add to that my final mile total and your donations by mail to Craig's treatment, and we've really got something going here. Amazing!