Love for Craig at Facebook

Here are a few of the comments people have posted for Craig over at Facebook -- just posting them here for anyone to see:

i loveee you craigg!! i know you can beeat this you have to you have so many people praying for you and thinking of you! -- Ashley Adkins

i just met craig last qaurter and i could tell he is one cool dude. Hope u get well! -- Branden Taylor

I don't know why this kind of stuff happens to awesome people but rather than question that I'm just gonna pray my heart out for you! Stay strong and keep up with that craig bushle signature smile and infectious laughter that we all love. -- Sara Fraley

Hanging out with you a lot lately, you would never know you had cancer, which goes to show how strong of a person you are - and I'm sure you've been going through a lot behind the scenes, I can't even imagine. I'm always here for you dude -- TJ Quinn

love you craig!! hope everything goes well.. you'll get thru it :] you're a strong guy i believe in you! -- Leslie Schroeder


Karen said...

To one of my FAVORITE cousins. Hope you're feeling better soon!!! :) I'm praying for you!!


Karen said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Little Craig!!! I'm praying for you. Love, Bubba

Maria said...

Craig,your stronger than you may physically feel and you mean more to all of us more than you will ever know! Stay positive and CRAIG STRONG! and by the way loving the buzz cut!let me know when i and if i can come by this week!miss you bud! mad love,Maria Hayhow