A note from Craig

Craig wanted me to post this for all of you to read. He sends his love!


Hello everyone,
I just wanted to drop by and let people know that so far things have been okay, or as okay as they could be I suppose. The thoughts, donations, and prayers have been nothing short of amazing. Thank you all so much; however, this mere phrase can't even begin to express my actual gratitude for what everyone has been doing. I am in the middle of my first slow week (my 2nd week overall). Monday I got a Neulasta White Blood Cell booster shot, which, when injected, goes straight for the bone marrow throughout your body. After my hour-long drip of Bleomycin today (Tuesday), the booster shot kicked in and made me feel like I had the flu x 10. I was exhausted and lying in bed all day, but thank God for ESPN. Less than 8 weeks left; the countdown is on. We are looking at March 18th, I think, as my last day of Bleomycin.
Thank you to everyone for everything they have done; every little bit really has been helping. I hope for these next 8 weeks to fly by and start running myself to get into a nice summer shape! Take care everyone, and thank you again.
-- Craig

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