2.6 miles today

Thursdays usually are one of my shorter, faster run days, so I stuck to that this week. Nice morning to do it -- foggy and mid 60s.

The Nike+ support team is now 19 strong. Thanks to everyone who's running along with me. Welcome newcomers danitoons and mariahayhow, both from Cincinnati, bodie402 and Lbriede!

And thanks to everyone who has donated or inquired about donating so far!


halloween said...

Hi Craig, Just think today you are over the hump for this week. Hang in there. I will try to help you out with money when I can. You know I love you. Aunt Linda

babylocks said...

Aunt Linda,
I am so glad you figured out how to blog! That is a very nice comment you left :). Everyone in your family has been so generous and awesome! He is lucky to have such a great family. With his family, friends, and the support of this website, he will get through everything!

(If anyone who reads this is having trouble leaving a comment and wants some help call me at 513-967-1720 or email at lockwomk@uc.edu)