Craig update!

This comes from Mary:

Hello All!

Craig has finished his second five day week of chemotherapy. This week he received his treatment in a new location and seems to be much more comfortable there. He typically has his own room and can now have visitors during his longer chemo days. This week he enjoyed a few visitors, slept most days, and also watched a ton of college basketball. I have a feeling his brackets will be extra good this year!

More blood work from the Oncologist indicates that the chemo is working! Craig’s tumor markers seem to have returned to a normal level. As of right now he still has to go through the rest of his five weeks of treatment, and has also lost about 95% of his hair. However, everyone agrees that he still looks good and that a shaved head may not be such a bad look for him in the future! In addition, he continues to be overwhelmed by the notes, cards, and donations. He anticipates that he will start writing thank you cards sometime in the next few weeks now that he is used to his treatment. He is very blessed to have such a large support network!

In the meantime, since he received a white blood cell booster shot earlier today, he will likely be knocked out all day tomorrow due to the side effects of the booster shot. He would love to read some of your comments tomorrow or whenever he is feeling better. Thanks to everyone who has taken time out of their busy schedule thus far to show Craig some love and support.



J said...

So, since you are the college basketball expert, is Memphis for real dude?

Anonymous said...

Well J...no, Memphis is not for real. Sure, they are undefeated - impressive this far in the season. Will they finish undefeated? Possibly, although Tennessee will be a tough battle. However, they will not go all the way. I would see them lucky to make it to the Elite 8. Sure, they will get a Number 1 bid. But people forget; the last team to go undefeated was a St. Joe's team in the A-10, and they got wiped out in the tourney. Why? Weak conference! CUSA is nothing to shout about. If Memphis were in the Big East or ACC, I would see them as currently 18-5, with a probable 5-7 losses on the season. But because of the weaker CUSA schedule, they will go with 1 or zero losses.

Any other questions on NCAA hoops? I got alllll the time in the world now lol

J said...

Lol. Maybe you should start a bracketology blog

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Craig. We are praying for you!!

June Walke (your mom's friend)

Tara said...

Craig ~
Good Lord it's genetic! You came up Anonymous, too, just like your grandmother. I'm glad the hoops are keeping u occupied! LUV U! Tara

Uncle Mikey said...

Once again...UNC at Chapel Hill will reign supreme in the NCAA tourney...

Anonymous said...


First of all, when I saw you the other night, you looked great, keep it up!

How can anyone talk about basketball and not be thinking XU this year? Give us your thoughts!
I'm thinking #3 seed and elite 8 minimum.

And Mike, put the baby blue away.

Tenn. will probably top my bracket, and I don't think Memphis will be in my final four. Looks like everything else will be up in the air. Should be interesting.

Uncle Mark
(Anonymous by family trait)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! That's always good to hear.
As for the tourney...
We are once again reminded that just because your #1 means nothing, with Tennessee's latest loss to Vandy.

As for XU, they are always a silent killer every year in the tourney. They should win the A10 Tournament, be in the Top 10 by season's end, and I wouldn't see them past a #3 seed as well. How far they go will only depend on luck of the draw and which teams are in the same area of the bracket.

As for the "baby blue," I'm going to have to side with Mike. They are my team and always have been! Once Ty Lawson comes back, I'd put them going to the finals in almost every bracket. Tyler Hansbrough alone is a giant killer.

It'll be interesting to see how it all pans out!

-Anonymity required, Craig Jr.