Kicking off week 6

I started the week with 10K at lunch. I'm shooting for five of those this week, which would add up to 31 miles. Our record heat wave is supposed to break tonight, so that should make it easier.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully someone can see this and find a way to get it on the main page of the site:

My name is Nick Chaney. I am a friend of Craig's and am very excited to inform everyone that a few of his friends have set up some big fundraisers for him coming up in a few weeks back in Cincinnati!
The first is a benefit at the Front Porch Coffeehouse on Glenway Ave. (by Phillipp's Swim Club) on Friday, March 14. There will be live music, raffles of some sort, special drinks to benefit Craig, t-shirts and rubber bands on sale, and a general donation basket being circulated all day. Anyone with more questions can contact Andrew Childers (childers.47@osu.edu), Bobby Smyth (bsmyth@fuse.net), or Nick Chaney (nscv2c@mizzou.edu), and one of them will direct you to the right person.
Also, there will be another benefit all day on Monday, March 24, at Champion's Grille on Crookshank. Champion's will donate 10% of their proceeds from that entire day (they are open 11 AM - 11 PM), and we will have basket raffles, split-the-pot, t-shirt and rubberband sales, and general donations are also appreciated.
All of the money will go directly to Craig to help fund his medical treatment from the past few months, so do your best to make it to these big events! If you can't make it for any reason, let as many people as you can know about it.
If you have a business or good way to circulate the news, let one of the three mentioned above know ASAP, and we could e-mail you flyers we have begun to circulate.
Also, if you have anything you would be willing to donate, or if you would like to volunteer to help work with anything at all, again, contact one of the three mentioned above.
Hopefully we will see you all at one or both of these events. Thanks for all the support, and remember, stay CraigSTRONG.

Tara said...

Nick~ thanks so much for all your work! Craig is lucky to have you guys as friends! Tara (Craig's aunt)