Chemo update

Mary posted this as a comment but I wanted to throw it up here in case anyone misses it:


To anyone who is curious, Craig has just finished his first day of chemo. To let people know what chemo is like here goes: basically he sits in a small room for seven hours while an IV is hooked up to his chest. The IV goes into Craigs port-a-caf and directly into his blood stream. When the bag is empty, another bag is put in its place until all the medicine for the day is gone. He went in early around 8:00 a.m. and arrived home around 3:30. He had five bags hooked up to his IV today. That is a ton of medicine to put into a body in one day! There were also a couple other people in the room with him getting chemo, but he was by FAR the youngest person. He chatted with the other people and brought his new lap top to help pass the time. Although he couldn't get a wireless connection today, he is hoping to get a spot in the other room tomorrow so he can check out the website and talk to his friends!

For now he is sleeping. He has complained of a pain in his legs, but other than that he seems okay so far. Thanks for all the support and remember he can always use more! KEEP RUNNING AND COMMENTING :)

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