10K today

Kicked off the 9 weeks with a 10K before lunch. Nike+ snapshot is posted below. You can see where I hit the causeway with a strong headwind in the middle of the run before a nice speedy descent.

And thanks to all the Nike+ users who already have joined up to run alongside us: Swazzlehoff from Cali, rubie651 from Pa., cavie84 from N.J., fishjunior from Hong Kong, kryger3 from Nebraska, Draig Goch from the UK, Daydream and Gabe83!


babylocks said...

Jay Bird you are an amazing runner! I hope you were listening to some awesome Jams while running. Keep it up :)

Jason said...

Haha -- I am slow! And don't tell your dad, but I was listening to NPR yesterday.

babylocks said...

haha you are not slow and I LOVE NPR boo :). Its the coolest station ever for current science info.

Krock said...

J -- Elder H.S. mentioned the site in the announcements this week for the students and has put the link on the school site.
Today was Craig's 3rd treatment, and by now he is feeling bad, and sleeping quite a bit. Hopefully the new x-box 360 provides some distraction. Keep up the running and I'll send some more 4 berries tea (found some at JJ). NPR? :)